How our participants helped us see the bright side of life


During our second workshop we played a game with the 2 chairs.

The trainers put a chair in the middle of the circle and put a scarf on it. Afterwards, the participants were encouraged to add objects to the chair and create a story about it. After this, a second chair was put and the participants were asked to do the same thing with it. After creating stories about the 2 chairs, the chairs were left in the middle of the room without anything in them being changed. At this point the participants were asked if they saw a connection between the 2 chairs and to tell a story about them.

This sounds like a nice classical game, right? But there was something different this time…

One of the trainers put the second chair on the floor not standing on its feet but on its backrest. One of the participants immediately stood up and out the chair on its feet. When asked why she did that, the participant said the chair looked like someone who has fallen on the floor and if we see such a person, we have to lift them up.

We can’t agree more. 🙂


Lora Yoncheva

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